Established in 2010, Divinity Collection designs and produces modern and stylish hijabs, accessories and a clothing range that meets the needs of the modest woman. The materials for our Hijab collection and

Clothing line are hand picked for quality and suitability for each application. We only use best dressmakers for our Hijab and clothing lines. When you choose your Hijab or attire from Divinity Collection, you know you are getting quality and value for money.

Divinity Collection also has a successful wholesale division that supplies a large range of boutiques in Australia. Please email if you are interested in selling our collection.

The range includes:

Chiffon Hijab and Fringe scarves

Gorgeous vintage and modern scarves in many fabrics and textures.


Cotton long sleeve tops, dresses, skirts and cardigans


Brooches, Hijab pins, Quality cotton hijab caps, bangles and bags.

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